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Did You Know?

Toy crane machines or claw vending machines are a type of arcade game that can be found in numerous places. Crane games can be found in grocery stores, restaurants, arcades, and movie theatres among other places. Claw vending machines have various prizes in their cages. Usually stuffed animals such as teddy bears. The claw or crane is located on the ceiling of the cage. Coins are put into the machine, which then allows the player to operate the joystick that moves the claw for a short period of time. The claw can move back, forth and sideways, but cannot move up or down until the time runs out. Once the time does run out or you push the trigger button, the claw will drop onto whichever item it was over, and will attempt to pick up the stuffed animal. On some crane vending machines you are able to drop the claw some of the way and re-position it again to better your chances of picking up a prize. After attempting to grip onto a prize, the claw then moves over to the opening in the corner of the cage and releases what is in its grasp. It funnels down a chute, and is there for the taking. The first rendition of a claw game was developed in 1896. It was called The Erie Digger. However, crane games became significantly more popular in the 1980’s when Pizza Hut chains started carrying them. In the early 1990’s the NFL began to put stuffed footballs in some of the claw machines. Crane games have been around for over a couple centuries, and will continue to draw in players wanting to test their skill.

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