Vending Routes for Sale in Delaware



Looking for Delaware vending machine routes?  There is almost one million people living in Delaware.  Out of those one millions people, almost all of them love vending candy and soda.  So why can't they be buying from your very own vending route!  We will help you get started on your vending business right now!

Vend123 offers you direct access to locator's, vender's and machine companies to help you succeed!  We have the top professionals to help you find the best available routes in Delaware. We want you to succeed!  So feel free to browse our site and gather up more information and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about your future vending business.







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Delaware is the second smallest state in the U.S. measuring 96 miles long and just 9 to 35 miles across. This translates to just a little more than 1900 square miles. Delaware’s topography is very flat with the highest point only 479 feet above sea level. Known as the Diamond State, Delaware received their statehood in December of 1787. Located in the Atlantic or New England region of the U.S., Delaware has a moderate climate due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Dover is the capital city with the largest city being Wilmington with just over 70.000 people. The University of Delaware is the second largest employer in the state, second only to the Delaware government.